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Pink-Only Starbursts Are A Thing And They Have Merch To Match



Pink-Only Starbursts Are A Thing And They Have Merch To Match

Pink Starburst have always been the favorite out of the pack, so now get ready to have a whole bag and merch staring everyone’s favorite flavor.

If you have ever picked up a pack of starburst, your first instinct has always been to go straight for the pink one. Now its time to get a whole pack of pink only starburst and gear to match.

In collaboration with Erin Robertson of Project Runway, starburst has an entire line of very dreamy apparel.

The merch is too good for you not to get your hands on. This collection features a Sweet Tooth pink denim jacket that is running for $140 and a Sweet Tooth bandana that will run you $40 these items are fire.

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Starburst is such a popular candy that it has made it on the top 75 list for the worlds most popular candy.

So why is this “I am a pink Starburst merch” even a thing?

Well, the company says they were inspired by memes they’ve seen about being the pink candy.

“We wanted to bring that reference to life offline for our fans, and what better way to do that than launch a merch line where they can boldly wear it on our sleeves,”

Audrey Arbeeny, Senior Associate Brand Manager for Starburst said in a press release.

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You can head to your local target to get your hands on this bag of pink only starburst and head here to get your hands on the merch!

Take a look at the pieces below and let us know what you think!

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