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Pittsburg Man Makes A Bomb Threat To Avoid Paying Restuarant Bill


Pittsburg Man Makes A Bomb Threat To Avoid Paying Restuarant Bill

Police arrested a patron after he made a bomb threat to avoid paying a restaurant bill.

WPXI News reports 40-year-old Barry Clapperton made up a bomb threat to try to get out of paying his bill. Police charged him with threats to use weapons of mass destruction, public drunkenness, false identification to police, terroristic threats and escape. The incident occurred at Primanti Brothers on East Carson Street.

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Witness Kenneth Grey says he saw Clapperton trying to avoid paying the bill twice. His friend tried to prevent Clapperton from leaving the restaurant:

”My friend Chris gets up and chases him out the door and we go out that way, catch him, and walk him back in”

Grey and his friend even offered to pay Clapperton’s tab but police became involved.  Clapperton was heard making a bomb threat to Nakama, another restaurant down the block from Primanti Brothers.

“His tab is paid. They get ready to let him go and the bomb threat comes in and he takes off!”

Clapperton ran out of Primanti’s and ran down 19th street where he was cornered in front of dumpsters. Police shocked him with a stun gun and arrested him. Police were told that he made the bomb threat because a friend advised him to skip out of paying the bill.

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Another witness said what caused the entire event was the restaurant put extra meat on Clapperton’s  sandwich although he did not have the money to pay for it. The extra meat cost him $1.99. No bail has been posted for Clapperton.

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