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Pizza Place Closes After Employees Put Laxatives On Pies

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Pizza Place Closes After Employees Put Laxatives On Pies

A pizza restaurant in Springtown Texas recently came under fire after employees were caught putting laxatives on their pies.

Just a few days ago, a Texas pizza restaurant manager had to fire some of his employees who were involved in placing laxatives on at least one pizza.

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Police showed up at Mr. Jim’s Pizza after an employee shared that they were putting MiraLAX on pizzas.

One of the employees even fell sick after eating a slice which prompted a visit from their local health inspector.

MiraLAX is a “gentle relief from constipation,” which if consumed at large amounts could cause major issues.

Sources say that investigators were able to pin three employees who were involved in the situation.

The local health inspector had no choice but to pull their health permit and close the establishment down temporarily.

According to HuffPost, the owner of the restaurant terminated the employees involved in the incident which lead the health inspector to allow them to reopen.

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“We are not going to let the foolishness of a couple individuals hurt one of our local businesses,” he said on Facebook.

According to a police report, there has been an arrest made in the case.

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