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Police Find Missing Head Of Swedish Journalist After A Month


Police Find Missing Head Of Swedish Journalist After A Month

Police have discovered the head of the missing journalist whose body washed up last month!

Last month we reported that the body of a missing Swedish journalist washed up on shore.

When discovered, it was clear that she had been dismembered and her head, arms, and legs were missing.

Until today, the news is being reported that her head along with her legs has been found.

Kim Wall, vanished in August while interviewing a Danish inventor aboard his homemade submarine.

Copenhagen police inspector Jens Moller Jensen told reporters that divers had found bags containing Wall’s missing clothes, her head, and legs in Koge Bay, south of the Danish capital.

“Yesterday morning we found a bag within which we found Kim Wall’s clothes, underwear, stockings, and shoes. In the same bag laid a knife, and there were some lead pipes to weigh the bag down,” he said.

Peter Madsen, 46, the man who is accused of killing Wall claimed that she had been hit on the head with a heavy submarine door.

However, upon finding her missing head, there is “no sign of fracture on the skull and there isn’t any sign of other blunt violence to the skull.”

Now that authorities have her head, a full autopsy can be conducted to find the real cause of death as Madsen still sits in jail for the killing.

Take a look at the incidents leading up to the missing torso being found below.

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Source: Yahoo

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