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Police Kill Rapper Willie Bo While He Slept In His Car



Police Kill Rapper Willie Bo While He Slept In His Car

Police Kill Rapper Willie Bo While He Slept In His Car

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An aspiring rapper, 20-year-old Willie Bo was shot over six times by officers while he was asleep in his car.

Willie Bo was reportedly asleep in his car when an employee from Taco Bell called the police telling them that he was slumped over in the drive-thru. Six officers then arrived on the scene to investigate and at that point, they claimed that he reached for a handgun in his lap when they tried to wake him up.

All six officers reportedly fired shots into his car. Sadly, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

A statement from Vallejo police read,

“Police were called to the fast-food restaurant in Vallejo around 10:30 p.m. Saturday after employees reported seeing a man ‘slumped over’ inside a silver Mercedes-Benz. When officers arrived, they found Willie James McCoy unresponsive in the driver’s seat with a handgun on his lap, police said. The car was locked and the transmission was shifted into the drive position, police said. ‘The two officers decided to hold their position and did not attempt to wake the driver.

Instead they decided to wait for additional officers to arrive on scene and ensure that people in the parking lot were safe and did not approach the vehicle.’ After additional officers arrived, police tried to open the driver’s side door, but were unsuccessful. Officers then positioned a patrol car in front of the Mercedes to prevent it from suddenly moving forward, and tried to move another patrol vehicle behind McCoy’s. It was at that time, police said, that the driver began to wake up and move.”

The Daily Mail reports that photos of his vehicle show at least 16 bullet holes in his windshield. The six officers involved in the shooting have not been identified, but, they are currently on administrate leave.

Authorities are also waiting on the results of a toxicology test and the investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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