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Police Tires Slashed During Raid at Soulja Boy’s House

Soulja Boy


Police Tires Slashed During Raid at Soulja Boy’s House

Police Tires Slashed During Raid at Soulja Boy’s House

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Soulja Boy is in more hot water after police raided his house on kidnapping claims. The cops on the scene left with an unexpected surprise after they discovered that their tires were slashed.

According to TMZ, police have now opened a second investigation that implicates the rapper. The first investigation involved a claim that Soulja Boy kidnapped one of his girlfriends, Kayla. Following the claims, police obtained a search warrant for his house.

However, while the police were searching the home, an unidentifed person allegedly slashed the tires of all three unmarked police cars. As of now, a felony vandalism investigation is in the process as police don’t know if the tire incident is related to anyone inside Soulja’s camp or the rapper himself.

As we reported, Soulja Boy was accused of kidnapping and keeping a girl names Kayla hostage for over six hours. She claims she was also beaten until finally released. Soulja has denied all claims that he even interacted with her on the night in question.

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