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Prada And Adidas Could Be Collaborating In The Near Future


Prada And Adidas Could Be Collaborating In The Near Future

Streetwear and luxury may be collaborating once again sources say that Prada and Adidas are setting out to release a sneaker!

According to popuylar and well respected Twitter accounts PY_LEAKS and PY_RATES, Adidas and Prada are set to be collaboration on a sneaker.

This comes as no suprise as Adidas has been known to collaborate with some of the major names in luxuyry fashion like Rick Owens, Raf Simons, and Alexander Wang.

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According to the twitter account, Adidas and Prada have been working on a sneaker that they are calling the Prada x Adidas Sailing. It’s said to come in two colorways a “White/Metallic Silver” and a “Red” look. With each brand featuring a high price range of pieces, there is no surprise that his collection is rumored to be priced at $350 USD.

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Now sources say that the shoe could have come connection to Prada’s current line of sneakers called America’s Cup Sneaker which has a relation to sports. If we simply look at the sneaker’s name “sailing” we could see a variety of looks from sponsored team shoes to actual boating shoes!

One thing we do know is that this collaboration will be a great one!

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