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Pregnant Polyamorous Woman Says She And Her Boyfriend Will Raise Baby As A Family



Pregnant Polyamorous Woman Says She And Her Boyfriend Will Raise Baby As A Family

A Florida polyamorous woman says she became pregnant by one of her four boyfriends after their vacation. The group plans to raise the baby as a family.

According to the Daily Mail, 20-year-old Tory Ojeda of Jacksonville is currently engaged to her partner Travis,23, after a three-year relationship. Two months before meeting Travis, Ojeda met her other partner Marc,18, while they were in high school. She also started dating their mutual friends, Ethan,22, and Christopher,22. After their vacation seven months ago, Tory found out she was pregnant with Christopher’s child. They are having a baby girl.

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Now the lovers are planning to raise the baby together as a family but Ojeda says she would like her partners to date other people.

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‘Dividing the time and figuring out schedules between all five people and making sure everyone feels included, it’s kind of difficult. I’d like to not be the only woman in the relationship. That would definitely be nice.’

Three out of the four men live with Tory and work out a nighttime schedule to spend individual time with her. She says she knew that Chris was the father of her child due to timing.

‘Chris is the biological father. We just know that because of timing and when the approximate conception date was,’

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