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Pregnant Woman Jailed After Opening Can Of Pringles Before Buying

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Pregnant Woman Jailed After Opening Can Of Pringles Before Buying

An Irish woman just couldn’t resist snacking before actually paying for chips and it’s costing her jail time!

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Kathleen McDonagh was sentenced under a criminal charge for opening a tube of Pringles at a Tesco in Ireland.

The 25-year-old newlywed had previously been banned from the supermarket chain for earlier offenses. She was about to get in line for checkout at Tesco when employees noticed her violating her ban. They commanded the woman to leave but she instead proceeded to take the lid off the container and pulled back the foil.

“I opened it so you have to let me pay for it”, she reportedly said to staff.

McDonagh pleaded guilty to criminal damage because the opened can was no longer “fit for resale”.

A judge at Cork District said the woman would have to serve jail time due to her previous 31 convictions despite her lawyer pleading she was five months pregnant suffering from anxiety. 14 of those convictions were for theft. She was ordered to serve a total of two months in the slammer. Hopefully, she’ll learn her lesson!

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