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Preschool Says Three-Year-Old Girl’s Sundress Is Inappropriate


Preschool Says Three-Year-Old Girl’s Sundress Is Inappropriate

A Canadian preschool tells a three-year-old’s parents that her strappy sundress is inappropriate for school.

The Daily Mail UK reports the Little Years Nursery School informed Lola’s parents, Jamie and Sadie Stonehouse, that their daughter should not wear her spaghetti strap sundress to the daycare again.

“They said that her dress was inappropriate for nursery school, and she needed to have two-inch wide straps on her sundress”

Lola’s parents explained that they put the dress on her because it was 86 degrees in Winnipeg. Even though they thought the dress was perfect for the weather, the daycare said otherwise.

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The daycare told the parents that if they wanted her to wear the dress again, she would have to wear a t-shirt underneath it. Sadie feels that her daughter will feel bad for wearing the dress and will not understand the situation:

‘She’s not going to understand and think she did something wrong.’

‘At two inches she might as well just be wearing a shirt,’ ‘

It’s covering pretty much her whole shoulder and down a bit, so it’s not even a summer dress at that point.’

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She added that it will be frustrating for her to teach her daughter why wearing the dress to school was wrong:

‘She’s not going to understand. She’s going to think that maybe she did something wrong, when she very much didn’t,’

‘She’s going to be questioning her own body. And that’s such a young age to even be thinking of something like that.’

The nursery released a statement stating that the school does not have a dress code and their employees used their best judgment.


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