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President Trump Reportedly Late On White House Rent


President Trump Reportedly Late On White House Rent

President Trump Reportedly Late On White House Rent

In more strange news: Donald Trump is reportedly backed up on his rent at the White House— about a couple of hundred grand according to this new lawsuit.

TMZ is reporting that a man named William Feegba is trying to take Trump to court over an alleged landlord-tenant breach. He’s reportedly suing the President for the 1 full year he’s been staying at the White House. He’s looking for Trump to fork over $240k in unpaid rent at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


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As crazy as that sounds, in the docs obtained by TMZ, Feegba claims to be a descendant of George Washington, which he seems to think gives him ownership of the presidential home…weird right?

Feegba started filing retroactive lawsuits last year against every president since 1977 -saying that every president from that date up to now owes him back rent ranging from $12k to $100k. None of the complaints have been successful. I’m sure this one will fail too because presidents are supposed to get free government housing!!

Socialites, what do you think about this ridiculous lawsuit? Sound off in the comment box below!

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