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Pro Female Tennis Players Fight Following Postgame Handshake



Pro Female Tennis Players Fight Following Postgame Handshake

A fight broke out during a professional female tennis match following the postgame


Canadian player Katherine Sebov and American Alycia Parks took the court on Thursday for the International Tennis Federation.

Sebov who won the match 6-0, 7-6 (9) in what seemed to be a very tense match.

Things took a turn for the worse when it got physical as the players went to do their customary postgame handshake. Parks said that Sebov squeezed her hand too tight during the handshake and that’s when things got rocky.

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As Sebov started to walk away, Parks is seen continuing to follow her down the sideline.

The umpire quickly jumped down from the chair to dry to stop the fight from escalating but it was too late as the two women had already began to push each other.

Sources say that Parks father jumped on the other side of the fence and landed on the court trying to also help Sri the argument.

According to TMZ, Parks told reporters that Sebov “squeezed my hand very hard.”Sachia Vickery, another player in the tournament, backed up Parks’ claim.

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“I was there she def squeezed her hand at the net. I hope they don’t try to spin this,” Vickery said in a tweet. “The ref clearly says he saw it. Won’t be shocked if nothing is done about it tho.”

The ITF was investigating the incident

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