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Professor Fired After Demanding Sex And Moose Meat From A Student


Professor Fired After Demanding Sex And Moose Meat From A Student

A Nova Scotian college professor was fired after demanding sex, moose meat, and lobster from a female student in exchange for a better grade.

According to the Cape Breton Post, the woman stated that she informed university officials on Feb.7 about her instructor’s actions after he made the suggestion about being “friends with benefit” during a tutoring session. She added how the professor asked her uncomfortable questions about her personal life:

“I had started to become very uncomfortable with some of the questions he was asking, such as how many sexual partners we had, if we had ever done drugs or did crazy partying before,”

The instructor also demanded the woman to bring him moose meat and lobster so he can improve her grade for the semester.

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“He claimed I had to do it, as my grades depended on it. He continued to say ‘Yes you will, you will do it,’ over and over, even though I made it clear to him at this point that I was very uncomfortable.”

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Although the professor was terminated from his position, the woman says she dropped out of the class and started experiencing panic attacks.

“I was almost asleep and I woke up freaking out thinking he was in my house for some reason”

Spokesperson Lenore Parsley said in a statement that the university’s main priority is the safety of students and staff.

“Cape Breton University is committed to a safe and respectful campus for all of our community members. Any and all complaints follow a formal process, as indicated in our respectful campus policy.

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