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Protestors Take Over Puerto Rican Day Parade In New York City


Protestors Take Over Puerto Rican Day Parade In New York City

Hurricane Maria protestors took over New York City’s annual Puerto Rican Day parade to commemorate those who died and speak out against the U.S federal government’s response to providing relief.

The New York Post reports the parade was taken over by black and grey flags and t-shirts that symbolized the U.S federal government’s reaction to providing relief to Puerto Rico. Protestors wore t-shirts with the number 4,645 on them, which is the estimated death toll caused by Hurricane Maria. Among those walking in protest during the parade was Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo recently spoke out against the White House and stated their response was due to “inherent racism”.

 “It’s a symptom of a federal government that believes in a sense of division … that people of different skins and different languages are an offense to this nation,”

“Months later and they’re still in a state of denial. We’re in the state of New York, and we don’t accept your denial.”

Among those walking in protest was Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, who led a group of state and city officials.

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Parade-goer Judi Figueroa says the protests can educate children about their history and that two of her friends lost their homes due to the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

It’s not so pumped up as last year,”

“Two of my friends lost their houses. They live in Georgia now,”

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Additionally, Snapchat added a filter mocking President Donald Trump for throwing paper towels at relief victims. The filter was created by Power4Puerto Rico.

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