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Psychatrist’s License Suspended After Admitting He Drank A Pint Of Vodka Before Seeing Patients


Psychatrist’s License Suspended After Admitting He Drank A Pint Of Vodka Before Seeing Patients

A San Diego psychiatrist’s license is suspended after he confessed to drinking alcohol before seeing his patients.

NBC San Diego reports Dr.Marco Chavez acknowledged in court that he had a drinking problem and confessed that he would drink a pint of vodka mixed with cloves in one-hour intervals before seeing his patients. He says the concoction is actually a home remedy that his mother recommended.

Chavez told Administrative Law Judge Susan Boyle that the concoction was created to help with his drinking problem and added that the drinks tasted really bad. Chavez’s case began in February 2017 when a patient received a box of medicine that also contained an empty bottle of vodka.

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A state investigator reported in court that Chavez had home visits between January 30 and April 18 of this year and appeared to be intoxicated during those three visits. Chavez admitted at first that he did not have a drink since February 24 but then confessed to consuming his “home remedy”. The investigator discovered an empty 750-ounce bottle of vodka in one of Chavez’s office draws.

An officer visited Chavez two hours later and tested for his blood alcohol content. The breathalyzer revealed that Chavez had a blood alcohol level of .216.

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Chavez explained in court that he did not schedule appointments on Mondays because he would drink the night before with his friends. He said the time he was in his office on a Monday was on April 18. The judge pointed out that April 18 was a Wednesday.

The judge ruled that Chavez did not provide enough evidence to resolve his drinking problem and suspended his license. The suspension went into effect May 7.

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