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“PTSD Suffering Veteran” Shoots Himself In The Head On Facebook Live After Murdering 5-Year-Old Boy 



“PTSD Suffering Veteran” Shoots Himself In The Head On Facebook Live After Murdering 5-Year-Old Boy 

An army veteran killed himself on Facebook live after murdering a 5-year-old boy and critically injuring his girlfriend.

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Jovonie Mclendon Jr. shot himself in the head on Facebook Live Sunday. Concerned family members called 911 saying the 33-year-old told them he had killed his girlfriend, her son and was going to off himself next.

“He just called me a minute ago and said that he loved us and that he killed his girlfriend and her baby,” Mclendon’s mother can be heard saying in the conversation.

He told authorities during another call that he served three-and-a-half years overseas and was “just tired”.

“I’m just saying I’m sorry,” after he revealed to officers he’d killed his girlfriend and her son.

Just before he pulled the trigger while streaming to friends on Facebook live, he says it’s “been nice knowing you”. A SWAT team rushed to the Sagebrook Apartment complex in Miami Township, Ohio where they discovered Mclendon and the young boy dead. His 27-year-old girlfriend was rushed to the hospital and remains in critical condition.

“This is tragic for everybody,” Miami TWP Police Chief Ron Hess said in a press conference on Monday.

He didn’t say how many times each person was shot, the kind of weapon, or the names of the victims. Speaking to WHIOTV, Jordan King, who served with Mclendon, thinks he had PTSD and lost control.

“That’s my assumption,” he said. “I believe he lost control. He raged out and he did what he did…There was no coming back from that.”

Describing Mclendon as a “likable” guy, he said he didn’t recognize the person in the live stream.

“I was like ‘wow, this is not normal. This is not him – this is not normal.’ I know there was an underlying cause. A person on PTSD isn’t going to be triggered and act out. There has to be something he must have been going through … Once you get to a certain extent, you just act. You don’t think about the repercussions.”

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Viewer discretion is advised: Watch the disturbing livestream below:


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