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Puerto Ricans Call For Governor’s Resignation After Disturbing Messages Leak To The Public

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Puerto Ricans Call For Governor’s Resignation After Disturbing Messages Leak To The Public

The citizens of Puerto Rico are calling for the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosello after his private messages leaked to the public. Protestors stated the messages contained sexist and homophobic remarks by Rosello.

NBC News reports the protests for the resignation of Gov. Rosello after 889 pages of private messages between the governor and his officials were leaked. The messages contained content that was misogynistic, homophobic and lack of sensitivity towards the people who died after Hurricane Maria. The officials who were involved in the shocking text messages submitted their resignations. Rosello justified the messages and said it was his way of “blowing off steam” after a long day at work.

Ricky Martin also spoke out against Puerto Rico’s government mocking its citizens in a video he posted on Instagram:

“Fortunately the chat came out, because it unmasked everyone’s real face.

They made fun of our bodies, they mocked women, the LGBTT community, people with physical and mental disabilities, they made fun of obesity… Enough.”

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Other famous Puerto Rican artists such as Bad Bunny, Residente of Calle 13 voiced their opinion of Rosello and his officials. The two artists along with iLe released a song in reference to the recent protests in Puerto Rico.

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Rosello said in a statement earlier today will not resign from his position despite the context of the leak messages.

“My responsibility is to continue working and providing you with these results. One will always face different challenges. This is a big challenge but at the same time we must fulfill our objectives.”

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