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Puppy Dies After Eating JUUL Vape Pod Hidden Under Family’s Sofa

Katie Bears/Metro UK


Puppy Dies After Eating JUUL Vape Pod Hidden Under Family’s Sofa

A Wisconsin dog owner is warning others about the dangers of pets and JUUL vape pods after her three-month-old puppy died from eating one.

According to Metro UK, Katie Bears,38, said her 17-year-old son, Javlin, would hide the nicotine-filled vape pods under the sofa and as a result, caused the death of their beloved St. Bernard puppy Molly.

‘I noticed that Molly was walking weirdly and that she looked weak – but from that point onward she quickly deteriorated. ‘I rang the vet and quickly rushed her in and on the journey she kept getting worse.’

Bears added that Molly started to have breathing problems and cried in pain. When they arrived at the vet, Molly began to have a seizure.

‘When we pulled into the vet’s she started to [have a] seizure and she was quickly seen by someone who tried to save her.’

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When Bears arrived home, she searched through the house to find the source of Molly’s sudden illness and discovered a half-chewed JUUL pod under the sofa.

‘There was about one quarter of the liquid left in the pod and it was completely busted so it’s clear that was what she got hold of.’

Unfortunately, she received a call that Molly died hours after she arrived at the veterinarian clinic.

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‘She was a very big dog and weighed 37lbs at the time, so if a big dog like that can die from a little liquid I hate to think what it’s doing to people’

Bears says her son confessed to hiding the pods and started vaping two weeks ago because his classmates were also doing it.

Press play to learn more about the effects of vaping in the video below.


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