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Queens Teacher Found Dead In The Catskill Mountains


Queens Teacher Found Dead In The Catskill Mountains

A Queens teacher who decided to go hiking in the Catskill Mountains last week was found dead on Saturday.

Keith Johnson,46, decided to go hiking in the Catskill Mountains last week and a neighbor told police that Johnson was “a little upset” before he made the trip to upstate New York. Ken Achan was one of the last people to see him on May 5th and said Johnson told him he was going camping:

“He told me he was going camping,”

“He seemed kind of off. I didn’t see any equipment on him. He looked a little upset. He wasn’t himself,”

Two days after Johnson made the trip, a teacher from PS 29 came by when Johnson did not show up for work.  Achan added that Johnson’s brother and his co-worker came to the home frequently for clues and a missing person’s report was filed on Friday.

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Achan explained that Johnson would go on camping trips with a friend.

“They’d plan trips together. If one would go, the other would go. They’d back each other up, in case of anything.”

A traffic video shows Johnson’s 2006 Hyundai driving on the Throgs Neck Bridge on the morning of May 5. Police discovered his vehicle off a trail south of Albany, New York. His body was found 70 miles north of where police located his car.

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He was also known as a well-liked teacher and considerate of others in the neighborhood as told by Theirry Lemour.

“He was a teacher, and mentioned he was here to help. He was kindhearted, considerate. He was the kind of guy who, if you didn’t look like you were in a rush, would want to stop and talk,”

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