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R. Kelly Finally Coughs Up $62K In Back Child Support

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R. Kelly Finally Coughs Up $62K In Back Child Support

R. Kelly Finally Coughs Up $62K In Back Child Support

Well look what we have here. R. Kelly has finally coughed up ALL of the back child support he owed to his ex-wife, Drea Kelly.

That’s right! The singer appeared in court Wednesday in Cook County and handed over a total $62k which covers March, April and May of child support payments. So what does this mean? Kelly doesn’t have to worry about heading back to the slammer for now.

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Although this sounds great, it has been reported that Drea still has her eyes on his pockets. She’s reportedly requesting Kelly to cover educational expenses for their 21-year-old daughter, Joann aka Buku Abi. However, Kelly’s attorney asked the court for proof that she’s enrolled. 

Now, although Kelly is up-to-date with his payments, shockingly, it was said that he still owes Drea $32k in interest on child support. On top of that, he’s still on the hook for $20k+ per month.

Child support is just one of many things Kelly has to worry about. In addition to this, he’s waiting to stand trial on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving underage girls.

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Press Play Below To Hear What Drea Kelly Had To Say About It All:

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