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R. Kelly Released From Jail After Paying Child Support



R. Kelly Released From Jail After Paying Child Support

R. Kelly has been released from a Cook County jail after paying a large amount of back child support.

R. Kelly is once again a free man as he was released from Jail early Saturday morning after making his outstanding child support payments.

Kelly whos real name is Robert owed his ex-wife Drea Kelly $161,633 for their three children. As he walked out of the Cook County Jail, he released a small statement saying;

“I promise we’re gonna straighten all this out. That’s all I can say right now. I love my fans.”

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Sources close to the singer say that he was able to gather up all the money with help from a “benefactor,” but as of now, it is unclear if it was the same woman who helped bail him out of jail the first time.

Kelly was arrested on Wednesday after missing the deadline to settle his back child support. He claims that it was Drea who contributed to him not being able to pay saying that she spread “lies” About him which resulted in him not being able to make money.

During an interview with Gale King for CBS, Kelly said that all he’s been trying to do is have a relationship with his kids. Sources close to both parties say that he has not even tried to reach out to his family in nearly 2 years.

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Although Kelly is free on the streets, he’s not free of his legal troubles, There is still case against the singer for two new sex tapes that prompted a 10 count indictment against him.


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