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Rachel Dolezal Will Publish A Book Based On Racial Identity


Rachel Dolezal Will Publish A Book Based On Racial Identity

Photo Source: Hollywood Life via Yahoo! News

Rachel Dolezal was one of the most talked about people in 2015. It was founded that Dolezal was actually a white woman who identified as a black woman. She taught African Americans studies and was a former NAACP chapter president.

She says though that is has been a rough year since her parents outed her deception to the media. Recently she gave birth a newborn son and
admits that it has been hard to put her life together.

“It’s been some work to rebuild and get things back on track with our life,”

Dolezal gives her own input on race and why she decided to write a book:

“Race didn’t create racism, but racism created race. It’s important to think through a lot of those topics and questions that people have and that’s why this became so visible because it really challenged people to think about identity: What is race? Is there one human race? Why do we still want to go back to that world and be separate races?”

She is looking forward to more opportunities in 2016.


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