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Racist AirBnB Host Calls Black Guests ‘Monkeys’

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Racist AirBnB Host Calls Black Guests ‘Monkeys’

Racist AirBnB Host Calls Black Guests ‘Monkeys’

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A video has gone viral of an AirBnB host referring to her guests as monkeys and hurling verbal abuse at them.

Meshach Cisero took cell phone video of the incident where the host, identified as a woman named Kate verbally attacks the group of black men.

Cisero calmly addresses Kate who claims she is frightened of the men and even calls them criminals before saying, “Which monkey is going to stay on the couch?”

“Me and my friends just encountered a racist AirBnB host,” Cisero said on IG. “Our AirBnB host treated us very disrespectfully and complained unnecessarily about our noise. She racially profiled us, calling us criminals and used racial slurs such as monkey’s to describe us.”

The men were forced to make last minute hotel arrangements. Following the incident, AirBnB responded,

”The language used in this video is unacceptable and has no place in the Airbnb community. We have a strict nondiscrimination policy, which we are enforcing to remove the host from our platform. We are supporting Mr. Cisero and his friends in getting them a new place to stay through our Open Doors policy. We’re thankful to them for bringing this to our attention so we could take action.”



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Last night, a group of friends and I reserved an Airbnb in NYC, and encountered a racist and rude host. We arrived to our @Airbnb, and we were harassed several times before being thrown out at 2 am. Her reasonings were because she felt unsafe, we were going to steal and destroy her property, and then told us to “Get the fuck out of her house immediately!” We cooperated and began to pack our things to leave. As we were packing, she busts in the door with a camera. We asked her to at least respect our privacy while packing since someone had gotten out of the shower. She yells “No, it’s my house. Get the fuck out! You are all criminals! I don’t feel safe in my home!” She later asked us “Which monkey is sleeping on the couch?” We are a group of 4 educated and working professionals and were classified as criminals and animals over and over again. She became so angry, rude, and disrespectful that we had to call @NYPD because we weren’t sure if she’d attack us while trying to leave. We eventually found a hotel, and had somewhere to crash for the night, but PLEASE share and repost this story/video. Our hope is that someone else doesn’t have to encounter a racist Airbnb hosts like Kate.

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