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Rape Case Tossed Out After Accuser’s 40,000 Text Messages Surface

rape case


Rape Case Tossed Out After Accuser’s 40,000 Text Messages Surface

A college student can finally breathe a sigh of relief after his rape case was tossed out following 40,000 text messages from the accuser having surfaced.

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22-year-old Liam Allen says he went through “mental torture” during a rape trial that was eventually thrown out after the judge realized police failed to bring forth the evidence. At the age of 19, Allen was charged with six counts of rape and six counts of sexual assault against a young woman and faced up to ten years in prison.

Allen had his study as a criminology major at Greenwich University halted as he spent almost two years on bail and three days in Croydon Crown Court. The judge ended the case after it was revealed that police officers failed to provide the crucial evidence that proved Allen’s innocence. 

The alleged victim told police that she did not enjoy sex. Allan remained adamant that their sex was consensual and said she was out to seek revenge on him after he refused to date her after he returned to school. Now, the judge overseeing the case has called for an investigation at the “very highest level” to find out why police never handed over the critical evidence.

There were over 40,000 messages from the accuser to Allan and mutual friends. The text messages show that the alleged victim had message Allan countless times for “casual sex”. She even had gone into detail about how much she enjoyed it and discussed fantasies of violent sex and rape.

“You are all on your own. I could not talk to my mother about the details of the case because she might have been called as a witness. I couldn’t talk with my friends because they might have been called. I felt completely isolated at every stage of the process,” he said.

“I can’t explain the mental torture of the past two years. … I feel betrayed by the system which I had believed would do the right thing, the system I want to work in.”

The crucial life-changing discovery of the messages only came after a new prosecutor, Jerry Hayes, took over the case one day before the trial began and ordered police to hand over records. Upon discovering the messages, Hayes said he would like to “apologize” to Allan.

“There was a terrible failure in disclosure which was inexcusable,” he said. “There could have been a serious miscarriage of justice, which could have led to a very significant period of imprisonment and life on the sex offenders register. It appears the officer in the case has not reviewed the disk, which is quite appalling.”

Hayes claims that detectives had previously told him the sexual messages were “too personal” to share in court.

“The defense quickly saw the information blew the prosecution out of the water. If they had not been seen this boy faced 12 years in prison and on the sex offenders’ register for life with little chance of appeal. This was a massive miscarriage of justice, which thank heavens was avoided,” he told the BBC.

Judge Peter Gower found Allan not guilty on all charges.

“There is something that has gone wrong and it is a matter that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in my judgment should be considering at the very highest level,” he said. “Mr Allan leaves the courtroom an innocent man without a stain on his character.”

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Take a look at Liam Allen below.

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