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Rapper Who Bragged About Gang Violence Online Gets Prison Sentenced Increased


Rapper Who Bragged About Gang Violence Online Gets Prison Sentenced Increased

Nykees “NaNa” Campbell is taking the rap for his social media post that prosecutors believe resemble real-life violence. The rapper’s sentence increased from six years to twelve years in federal prison.

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20-year-old, Nykees Earl Campbell, was previously sentenced to 6 years behind bars for pleading guilty to distributing cocaine. A prosecutor requested an increase in sentence due to Campbell’s alleged gang activities. The judge approved the enhanced sentence and Campbell will now serve a total of 12 years in prison.

Campbell wasn’t charged in an ambush robbery during which he allegedly shot a man eight times as he slept, but he remains a suspect in that crime and other alleged gang violence that he later gloated about in YouTube and Facebook Live videos.

District Judge Barbara Lynn told Campbell,

“You’re bragging about shooting a person. It’s violence times 10 at every phase.”

Campbell’s attorney, Dianne Jones McVay, said,

“They can’t prove their murders […] but they want to blame my client for all of them.”

McVay adds, her client is guilty of “rapping” and nothing else.

Detective Eric Barnes testified, after Campbell’s arrest in November, the gang’s string of violent crimes stopped immediately. According to The New York Post, in all, 13 people with alleged ties to the gang were also charged with drug and gun offenses. Some of those charged have already been sentenced, the Morning News reports.

Campbell humbly addresses the judge, promising to be a “better man” while apologizing for his mistakes.


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