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Reality Recap: Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, Relationship Denial, Family Blow-Up, Sweet Revenge and a Sex Tape… Oh My!


Reality Recap: Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, Relationship Denial, Family Blow-Up, Sweet Revenge and a Sex Tape… Oh My!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more interesting after last week’s episode when Moniece “evened” the score with Brandi by bringing up her court situation while on stage during her listening party. Well, this week’s episode of VH-1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, #unlocked a whole lot of “retribution” and we are giving you the keys to last night’s episode!

1.) Ms. Nikkii Baby and Shanda catch up for some yoga and girl time. Shanda tells Nikkii that Willie has finally confessed to sleeping with Kyesha and that the two are now separated and trying to keep everything as normal as possible for their children. Ms. Nikkii Baby shares with Shanda that this time of year is especially hard for her and her family after losing her brother just one year ago. She also realizes that she has been masking her hurt by bouncing from  Safaree and Rosa.

2.) While Masika thinks things are going great between her and Fetty Wap and the two are on a mutual grounds, things take a turn after Willie A.k.A Fetty Wap finally lands in L.A. and goes M.I.A on Masika and their daughter together. Masika is now feeling like he is shaping up to be a “deadbeat” and left to figure out if this will be an ongoing issue as their daughter grows older. Fetty Wap on the other has a different take on how things actually are and admitted to friend Ikey during a studio session that he and Masika were NEVER in a relationship and that he will be there for his daughter.

3.) Princess catches up with Jason Lee and finds out that he has the ultimate receipt to help Brandi get back at Moniece, however, Jason isn’t really feeling thee idea of handing over to Brandi so willingly… Could you blame him? After their run-in last season where Brandi threw a rink on him and called him Sponge bob and Jason called her a Chihuahua. However, after some convincing from Princess, Jason agreed to sit down with Brandi.

4.) Princess catches up with Brandi to let her know that she has the ultimate receipt for her to drag Moniece. Princess then tells her that it’s in the hands of Jason Lee and before she can get it she has to agree to sit down with Jason and fix their relationship Brandi is all ears and agrees to fix whatever issues that she and Jason have in order to take out Moniece.

5.) Lyrica meets up with her mom for lunch, and the two continue to talk about how hurt she was over learning that Lyrica and A1 ran off and got married. The also discuss her run-in with A1 last week that resulted in her expressing her anger by breaking the couple’s  wedding picture. She tells Lyrica that she is willing to look past it if she pays for her Lipo surgery!

6.) While Lyrica may have agreed to pay for he mom’s lipo surgery, A1 is not feeling the idea of being “extorted” for forgiveness and decides to address it at a Bar-B-Que the couple threw in celebration of them tying the knot. A1 pulls out a waist trainer as a gift to his wife’s mom and lets her know that this the “cheaper” version and the only form of payment she will receive towards her “surgery.” Of course, things take a turn and the mother’s start to argue and Lyrica checks A1 on disrespecting her mother! Will this bring a wedge between the two in their marriage?

7.) Princess, Brandi and Jason Lee all sit down for lunch together. Brandi comes bearing gifts! Brandi gifts Jason with a pair of shades, while Jason is unsure of the gift, he lets Brandi know that he has the receipt that  she’s looking for but what is she willing to do for it? Brandi says she is willing to do anything! Jason takes her up on that offer and starts to reminiscence over one of his favorite movies, “Coming to America” and requests that Brandi relive the scene where the princess barks like a dog at the request of prince Hakeem or hence being called a Chihuahua last season. To much of everyone’s surprise Brandi complied and stood up in the restaurant and barked like a dog while hopping on one foot! It’s a sad day when your enemies link up against you!

Socialites! What do you think will happen once this ‘sex tape drops?’ Will this cause an all out war or will Moniece throw in the towel and wave that white flag? Will A1 and Lyrica’s marriage survive? Who will Ms. Nikkii Baby choose Safaree or Rosa? Tune in next week to an all new Love & HIp-Hop: Hollywood!

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