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Remy Ma Facing 4 Charges In Brittney Taylor Assault Case

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Remy Ma Facing 4 Charges In Brittney Taylor Assault Case

Remy Ma Facing 4 Charges In Brittney Taylor Assault Case

According to the latest report by TMZ, Remy Ma has been hit with a total of 4 charges for allegedly punching fellow “Love & Hip-Hop” cast mate Brittney Taylor last month at a benefit concert in NYC.

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Earlier this Friday, prosecutors filed 4 charges against the rapper; 2 counts of assault in the third degree, 1 count of aggravated harassment in the second degree, and 1 count of harassment in the second degree and all are considered misdemeanors. Although she facing 4 charges, Remy has been offered a deal to plead guilty to the top charge which is assault in the third degree. The rest would be dropped and she’d also have to enter a lengthy term anger management program, TMZ reports.

Now, Remy Ma has always maintined that she in innocent. However, Remy’s attorney, Dawn Florio, shared that during court, prosecutors updated the time in which they claim the attack went down, from 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM. They now reportedly have video of Remy arriving at the venue around that time, but it still doesn’t show the alleged attack. Initially, Remy claimed she had proof she was not at the venue or near Taylor at the time she was accused of socking her, which was 9:30 PM. Now that’s been updated to an hour later to match up with the rapper being present at the show.

As of right now, Remy hasn’t taken the deal. The case is set for trial in July.

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