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Remy Ma’s Rep Says Brittney Taylor’s Assault Claim Is Just A Money Grab Attempt

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Remy Ma’s Rep Says Brittney Taylor’s Assault Claim Is Just A Money Grab Attempt

Remy Ma’s Rep Says Brittney Taylor’s Assault Claim Is Just A Money Grab Attempt

As we previously reported, “Love and Hip-Hop” star Brittney Taylor wants rapper Remy Ma to pay for allegedly punching her in the eye during a concert last month. Remy is now facing a misdemeanor assault charge for the incident. However, she has maintained that she is innocent.

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Not only has her lawyer said there is video tape showing that Remy Ma was nowhere near Brittney during the time she said she got socked, but now Remy’s publicist is speaking out and claiming that this entire situation is just a big “money grab attempt.” The statement from her publicist read,

“Remy’s legal team, consisting of renowned New York Criminal Lawyer Dawn Florio and her legal consultant – New York Civil Rights Lawyer Eric Sanders are vigorously protecting her legal interests and her brand and will aggressively pursue related legal actions as necessary. In addition to the fact that Taylor bypassed numerous police officers that were on the scene to post allegations on her Instagram page and hired a civil lawyer, who is known for high profile lawsuits, both of Remy’s lawyers assert there’s credible evidence to support that this is a baseless case and nothing more than a money grab attempt,” The Root quotes.

The statement from Ernest Dukes went on to say,

“Remy is currently still on parole. She has approximately 85 days of supervision left of her 5-year post-release sentence. Nevertheless, for the past 4 years and 9 months she has been a model citizen by maintaining employment, completing all mandatory programs, staying drug free, adhering to all rules and has never even had a curfew violation.

Meanwhile, Remy remains focused on her family and taking care of her 4-month old daughter with her husband of 11 years, her new music being released and her clothing line ”Remy Ma By Vim Vixen” where each purchase drives her philanthropic efforts to support women & children impacted by incarceration, assisting with family reunification and career development for released women through The Remy Ma Foundation.”

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