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Restaurant Lost $190 Million In Value After Dead Rat Found In Soup



Restaurant Lost $190 Million In Value After Dead Rat Found In Soup

A popular chain restaurant lost $190 million in market value after a customer found a rat in their soup.

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According to the New York Post, a popular chain restaurant lost around $190 million in market value when a pregnant woman posted a video of a boiled rodent she fished out of a soup bowl with her chopsticks.

Reportedly, the woman and her husband were worried the rat stew would affect the baby since the mother already took two spoonfuls. The staffers at Xiabu Xiabu, in Weifang, offered the couple $729 in compensation. The husband of the soon to be mom refused, saying he wants his wife to get a full check-up first.

The husband claims a staffer offered to pay $2000 for his wife’s abortion if she was worried about the baby.

The video footage circulated on a Chinese social media site Weibo. Users were angry and disgusted.

“I feel like vomiting,” wrote one user. “I’m never going to eat hotpot outside again.”

According to the BBC, the restaurant initially put out a statement saying that it had “ruled out” the possibility that a lack of hygiene had caused the rat to end up in the hotpot, but later deleted it.

Authorities in Weifang said they would investigate.

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Click play below to see the full video of a couple finding a dead rat in their soup.


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