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Rhino Poachers Killed In Car Accident After Crashing Into Goat


Rhino Poachers Killed In Car Accident After Crashing Into Goat

Two members of a wildlife poaching crew were killed in a high-speed car chase after their vehicle crashed into a goat.

According to MSN, a group of four poachers was spotted tracking the scent of a rhino at the Bubye Valley Conservancy in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe last week. The men noticed that they were being followed by authorities and sped off in a Toyota Wish. During the high-speed chase, the men lost control of the vehicle after crashing into a goat and overturned.

Godfrey Makechemu and Charles Runye died instantly in the crash and their two accomplices were arrested. Police also found a telescopic rifle inside of the wreckage.

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Authorities charged James Mauto,41, and Celestino Shate,35, was charged with unlawful hunting of a protected animal. They are currently in police custody until June 28.

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Rhinos are targeted for its horn since its value can bring in tens of thousands of dollars in the black market. The horn is used for treating cancer, erectile dysfunction, and other medicinal purposes in parts of Asia.

Press play to learn more about rhino poaching in the clip below.


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