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RiFF RAFF’s Tour Canceled After Woman Accuses Him Of Rape


RiFF RAFF’s Tour Canceled After Woman Accuses Him Of Rape

RiFF RAFF’s Tour Canceled After Woman Accuses Him Of Rape

RiFF RAFF was set to tour in Australia and New Zealand but it was just canceled after he was accused of rape in a Facebook post.

A woman named Eliza Stafford posted her story on Facebook, sharing how, at 19 she attended a 2013 Riff Raff show with her boyfriend. She said she was expecting a good experience but didn’t plan for it to go the way it did.

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Stanford said she was invited to go backstage mid-show and was offered a shot from a vodka bottle, which she consumed. The rapper allegedly laughed afterward and told her the drink was actually codeine. She writes,

“I don’t remember anything from that point. A couple of my friends were at the concert and when I didn’t come outside from backstage, asked what had happened. Another girl who had been backstage with me told them that I had been coerced to get in to a car with riff raff and his support act. She didn’t do anything. I had been actively fighting against them as she watched and they had eventually forced me in to a car. She told my friends this, we were all young and they didn’t tell anyone and I don’t blame them.”

She continued,

“I woke up as Riff raff was pulling out of me and getting in to the shower. I crawled – truly, on all fours -out of the hotel room and managed to get outside where I booked a taxi who wouldn’t take me because I was “too drunk”. I begged him to take me home, got back to my boyfriends house, and he was angry at me for “blowing him off”. I was punished for 6 months within that relationship for what “I did”. I was raped and blamed myself for 5 years.“

RiFF RAFF was scheduled to kick off the tour on Friday, but booking company Audiopaxx announced that it “takes these matters seriously and does not condone any of this alleged behavior” and canceled the whole tour.


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