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Rob Kardashian Goes NUCLEAR And Drops Blac Chyna’s Vagina On Instagram (NSFW)


Rob Kardashian Goes NUCLEAR And Drops Blac Chyna’s Vagina On Instagram (NSFW)

This morning, Rob Kardashian goes on a rampage and exposes Blac Chyna for taking advantage of him throughout their relationship. We reported earlier this week that Blac Chyna has officially split with Rob.

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It all started when Chyna sent this video to Rob on the 4th of July:

Take a look for yourself. The photos are NSFW, so tread lightly:

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Rob apparently paid for Blac Chyna’s surgery after she gave birth to Dream:

This is one of the men Blac Chyna is alledgedly sleeping with, according to Rob:


The saddest part is I knew about all this and didn’t say a word or speak on anything because I actually Love Chyna genuinely until she just sent me a video of her and this man kissing in her bed with my daughter and her son in the house. The same day she sent me pic of her pussy and saying i can come fuck her soon. The same exact day I had 250K of jeweler dropped off to the house. I never been so disrespected by a Woman and I support everything she does until this stuff. Just sloppy and messy and the disrespect. Thank God for my daughter but I will never allow my daughter over to that house that I pay for with all the drugs and alcohol that goes on. I got receipts for days and I’m gonna keep going and I don’t give a fuck. The girl told me today she gonna have a third baby daddy and she also told me today she wants to have more kids next year in June. And she sending me videos of her and other man with our babies in the house. And then this thirsty ass dude posting selfies in the house I pay for and bed I made my baby in damn shame.

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Stay tuned for updates and let us know what you think about this situation. Also, go down memory lane with Rob and Chyna’s relationship.

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