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Roc Nation Releases New Evidence Against Attorney Representing Meek Mill’s Judge



Roc Nation Releases New Evidence Against Attorney Representing Meek Mill’s Judge

Roc Nation has new evidence against the attorney representing Meek Mill’s presiding judge that could have the case dropped!

Roc Nation and Amazon have new evidence in their ongoing case against Meek Mill’s Judge Genece Brinkley.

A. Charles Peruto Jr., the attorney representing Brinkley was apart of a six-part documentary series produced by Roc Nation and Amazon. During that interview, he had a few words to say about the judge and Meeks case which has now been leaked to the public!

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During the interview, the attorney criticized the judge’s handling of the case and said Meek should’ve received a new trial.

“Let me tell you something, that was hard to do because defending this judge . . . She looks fucking awful,” Peruto was heard saying in the leaked audio.

The attorney says that the comments were supposed to be off the record as he accused the producers of editing the audio in attempts to get attention for the docuseries.

“These illegally intercepted and digitized oral communications were then edited and leaked to the press so that Peruto’s off the record words would be manipulated against him and his client, Judge Brinkley,” the plaintiff alleged in court documents. “and to maliciously further the defendants’ own agenda in maximizing the buzz and profitability of the upcoming Meek Mill Documentary Series.”

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Judge Gerald McHugh is now in the process of deciding whether he will dismiss Peruto’s lawsuit based on the experts’ analysis of the audio clip not being altered.

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