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Rudy Giuliani’s Wife Filed for Divorce After His Affair With Married Woman


Rudy Giuliani’s Wife Filed for Divorce After His Affair With Married Woman

It’s been revealed that Rudy Giuliani’s third wife filed for divorce from the former NYC mayor following his affair with a married woman.

President Trump’s attorney reportedly had an affair with a married woman from New Hampshire prior to his wife filing for divorce, multiple sources told The Post.

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74-year-old Giuliani reportedly had an affair with 53-year-old hospital administrator Maria Rosa Ryan, who is married to an ex-Marine. The two adulterers were spotted together at a hotel resort in late March one week before his wife of 15 years, Judith Nathan, filed for divorce, sources said.

The former US attorney made his first public appearance with his married girlfriend on March 29 while touring the hospital she runs. The event was recorded by local news cameras. One week after the hospital visit, 63-year-old Judith Nathan filed for divorce from Giuliani after 15 years of marriage. 

At the time, Giuliani told reporters that he was touring the tiny, rural hospital that Ryan operates in order to learn about its cybersecurity program. Local ABC-TV affiliate WMUR aired the video that showed him walking around the tiny 25-bed Cottage Hospital with Ryan.

“Giuliani said he hopes to take what he can learn in Woodsville and incorporate it into his cybersecurity firm,” the ABC station reported.

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Take a look at Giuliani and Nathan in happier times below.

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