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Russell Simmons Calls For Non-Violent Summer Following Nipsey Hussle’s Death



Russell Simmons Calls For Non-Violent Summer Following Nipsey Hussle’s Death

Russell Simmons is here for peace during the summer following the violent killing of Nipsey Hussle!

Russell Simmons is ready for the violence to stop as he pens an op-ed for Black Press USA about gun violence in America.

It’s been three months since the world lost the great Nipsey Hussle to senseless gun violence in front of his own store. Russell a major part of hip hop culture took his death very hard alongside so many others.

We are “reminded of the terrible sickness of violence in communities across the United States.”

Simmons also lost a member close to his family when Angela Simmons, his niece, lost her sons father to being shot outside of his own home.

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“We should not wait for another one of our hero’s to be killed before we stand up to take action to prevent this plague of violence from continuing,” he wrote in part. “Nipsey was a great example of what can happen when a young man from our community puts his head down and transcends the traps that are laid by the enemies of our youth in America.”

In the article, Simmons shares that the violence that is going on is due to lack of self-love and a failure to correct the war on drugs.

“Some in the black community are suffering from a lack of self-love, a symptom of living in a white supremacist and unequal society,” Simmons says. “The war on drugs that endorsed and supported the prison industrial complex really watered any seeds of ignorance and violence.

He continues,

“They took those who were formerly non-violent, diseased drug addicts, locked them up and trained them in violence and ignorance. Then, prisons release them back into our communities without help or hope. That changed parts of our culture, thus poisoning our children with the same ignorance and violence. At the core, we need to promote love and education.”

The death of Nipsey definitely brought various communities together including rival gangs who were able to walk amongst each other to remember the “Victory lap” artist.

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