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Russian Town In State Of Emergency After Polar Bear “Invasion”



Russian Town In State Of Emergency After Polar Bear “Invasion”

An Arctic area of Russia has been sent into a state of emergency after over 50 polar bears invaded and terrorized the city.

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Since December, a total of 52 polar bears have roamed the streets of the remote Novaya Zemlya archipelago and officials have called it a “mass invasion”. The bears have entered homes and public buildings of the region, housing around 3,000 people, while showing “aggressive behavior”. Aleksandr Minayev, the deputy head of the local administration, said people are “afraid to go outside” and “daily life is in turmoil”.

He said “parents are wary” of letting their children go to school because “there are constantly 6 to 10 bears inside the settlement”. Another official said the bears are always inside a military garnish and “literally chase people” while entering blocks of flats. Although the invasion has frightened the region, they have been warned they’ll be prosecuted if they shoot the endangered species.

Moscow has received a request to allow the shooting of some bears but it was turned down. Meanwhile, a team of specialists were dispatched to the outpost to advise residents on methods to discourage the bears. Local officials have complained that the vehicle and dog patrols are no longer effective as the polar bears feel comfortable and do not react.

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Watch the video below to see polar bears invading a Russian city:


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