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California Salmon Lover Discovers 5-Foot Long Tapeworm Inside His Body


California Salmon Lover Discovers 5-Foot Long Tapeworm Inside His Body

Dr.Kenny Bahn discussed his experience with a patient at Community Regional Medical Center on “This Won’t Hurt A Bit” podcast. The Fresno patient discovered a tapeworm coming out his body while using the bathroom.

The patient rushed to the emergency room for treatment and told doctors he had worms in his bodyBahn stated the patient complained of having bloody diarrhea, and told doctors “I really want to get treated for worms.”

Bahn said he was skeptical at first until the man provided proof:

“I take out a toilet paper roll, and wrapped around it of course is what looks like this giant, long tapeworm,”

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The tapeworm was measured at five and a half feet long, the same height as Dr.Bahn. He said the patient was relieved to hear that it was a tapeworm coming out his body. Bahn prescribed a pill to the man to flush the rest of it out of his body.

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The patient explained to Bahn that he did not leave the country recently but eats raw salmon daily. Recently, the CDC reported there was an outbreak of Japanese tapeworm in Pacific-caught salmon.

Needless to say, the man says he will no longer eat salmon.

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