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Say What? Why Jeezy Is Being Sued For $100K


Say What? Why Jeezy Is Being Sued For $100K

Young Jeezy could be headed to court very soon, after a lawsuit was filed against him for $30,000 by show promoter Daryl Austin.

Back in December, the rapper was scheduled to perform at the Arena Theater in Houston for $60,000. In the original agreement, Jeezy and his team agreed to a $30,000 deposit and then $30,000 more,which Austin paid, including a $20,000 direct deposit into his checking account.

Well, that last $30,000 was never given to him, because he was a no show. The lawsuit surrounding the canceled concert was filed last week in federal court.

“I guess he decided he wasn’t going to do it,” Attorney Troy Wilson said, after failing to understand why Jeezy never showed up. “It just didn’t make sense to us.”

Along with the agreement, Jeezy was “free to advertise and promote the event, which he started doing by paying for the venue, buying radio space, and arranging ticket sales.” This was the case because Houston is a big city for the rapper.

After discussions about the performance stage, Wilson claims that Jeezy’s camp wanted more money, asking for an additional $80,000, which Austin agreed to, “feeling cornered and in distressed,” but wanted to accept anything just to get the rapper to perform.

By the time November rolled around, the rapper notified Austin through a representative that he didn’t want to perform at The Arena, after more than 1,000 tickets had been sold, according to court documents.

“To take our money and simply say, ‘Hey, I’m Young Jeezy. I don’t have to do it.’ Well, in our country, it doesn’t work like that. At the end of the day, he’ll learn that it does not work like that,” Wilson said.

Willson also alleges that Jeezy’s camp failed to reimburse the $30,000 deposit leading to the suit being filed, alongside other expenses that are outlined.

“You give folks their money back. If he had given the money back, there wouldn’t be an issue,” Wilson said.

It’s being reported that the reason behind Jeezy skipping out on the performance has to do with wanting to attend an Atlanta album release party.

The concert promoter is asking for $100K in damages. Jeezy has yet to respond to the allegations.

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