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School Staff Member Placed On Leave After Threatening Student With Deportation



School Staff Member Placed On Leave After Threatening Student With Deportation

A  Texas couple wants answers after their 14-year-old son was threatened with deportation by a school staff member.

According to CBS Dallas, the teen was approached by a staff member at the Obama 9th Grade Center after he entered the campus without wearing a belt. As a result, he was placed on in-house suspension. The boy’s mother says the staff member began to threaten him while he was sitting in a designated classroom for suspension.

“He told him, ‘Even though you are a citizen, Trump is working on a law where he can deport you, too, because of your mom’s status,”‘

The woman did not reveal her identity although she’s a legal citizen due to fear of retaliation and says her son became afraid for his life after the staff member showed him a coin with the word “ICE” stamped on it.

“Basically, he was afraid. You show him this ICE thing. He doesn’t know what that is. All he knows, he knows what’s going on right now,”

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When the woman visited the school to ask what happened to her son, the staff member told her that he wanted to teach the boy a lesson for saying ‘yeah’ instead of ‘yes, sir’.

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A statement was released by the Lancaster Independent School District, stating that the staff member is placed on leave until the issue is resolved.

“[We are] aware of the comments made by a staff member to a student. We are working to gather all of the information so that we can conduct a thorough investigation. As of now the employee has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. Lancaster ISD does not support nor will we tolerate behavior that promotes division. Our district takes pride in being an inclusive district that puts students first regardless of their background. It is our goal to ensure a quality education for all students and a safe learning environment.”

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