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Man Jailed For Life After Intentionally Infecting His Male Lovers With HIV



Man Jailed For Life After Intentionally Infecting His Male Lovers With HIV

An Edinburgh man is sentenced to life in prison after infecting his lovers with HIV.

The Daily Mail UK reports Darryl Rowe,27, intentionally infected the men with HIV as a part of his “revenge campaign” since he was diagnosed with the disease. Rowe would use the popular dating app Grindr to attract his victims and exchange messages before meeting up at their homes to have sex.

The hairdresser learned he contracted the disease from a previous boyfriend in April 2015 and plotted his revenge. Upon learning about his HIV status, Rowe decided not to take anti-retroviral drugs.

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Between October 2016 to February 2016, Rowe had sex with eight different men after moving to Brighton, East Sussex. After having sex with his victims, he would send disturbing text messages under the impression they were infected with HIV.

Maybe you have the fever. I came inside you and I have HIV LOL. Oops!’

Police arrested Rowe after medical staff was concerned about two patients who contracted HIV from the same person and questioned him about having the disease. He told them no. They informed him to stay out of Sussex but Rowe went on the run to target two more men before being arrested again.

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In court, Judge Christine Henson detested Rowe’s behavior and stated he was a danger to society:

‘You are the first individual to be sentenced for Section 18 offences in the context of infecting others with HIV,’

‘With the full knowledge of the risk you posed to others and the legal implications of engaging in risky sexual practices, you embarked on a deliberate campaign to infect other men with the HIV virus.

‘Unfortunately for five of the men you met your campaign was successful.They describe living with a life sentence as a result of your cruel and senseless acts. Many of those men were young men in their 20s at the time they had the misfortune to meet you.’

‘You will potentially remain a danger to others for the rest of your life.’

Rowe was found guilty of five counts of causing grievous bodily harm and five counts of trying to cause grievous harm. One of his victims stated he wished police took more action to stop Rowe from ruining others lives.

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