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Screenwriter Accuses Paramount Of Copyright Infringement Over ‘What Men Want’


Screenwriter Accuses Paramount Of Copyright Infringement Over ‘What Men Want’

A screenwriter is not pleased with the executives behind “What Men Want” as he sues for infringement.

​​What Men Want” was a great movie released earlier this year. But for screenwriter Joe Carlini, it was more than just a Paramount movie, he said it was his.

TMZ is reporting that Carlini is suing Paramount, BET, Will Packer, and most of the screenwriters for the 2019 film on the bases that it was stolen.

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Carlini says that this film was an idea that he shopped around a few years back under the title “ What the F Is He Thinking?

While shopping it around, he met with a few production companies including The Weinstein Company. Carlini says he also spoke with a few actors like James Franco, Chris Pratt, Nick Swardson, and King Bach about taking roles in the film.

Although nothing came from the meetings, Carlini claims that the plot is spot on to his screenplay.

Both main characters wish they could understand men better. Both of them fall and hit their heads after partying, and wake up in the hospital with the ability to hear men’s thoughts. He also claims that both leads wind up losing their power after hitting their head.

In his lawsuit, Carlini is asking for a portion of the films $72 million gross.

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As of now, there has been no response from

Paramount, BET, or Will Packer.

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