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Shooting In California Costco Leaves 1 Dead And 3 Injured

Patrick Smith / For The Times


Shooting In California Costco Leaves 1 Dead And 3 Injured

One person was in custody after a shooting on Friday night at a California Costco that Left 1 dead and 3 injured!

Police have arrested one alleged suspect in relation to a shooting that took place at a Costco in Corona California on Friday night!

Corona police officer Lt. Jeff Edwards shared that the shooting started after an argument between one gunman and his targets. While there is no word on what the dispute was over, officer Edwards did share that it was not domestic.

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When authorities arrived on the scene, they found four victims, one of them being fatally shot, and another one, an off-duty police officer. The off-duty police officer discharged his gun at some point, said LAPD Officer Greg Kraft.

Others who were just simply shopping when the shooting occurred say they tried to leave the store but the emergency doors would not open leaving many bystanders with injuries.

Witnesses said a man with a Mohawk haircut was arguing with a woman with a child inside the store when the shots were fired.

“It’s not very fun when you’re scared and you’re running for your life and you’re trying to open a door that says ’emergency’ and they don’t open,” shopper Rachel Flores told the local news. “Everybody was freaking out. People were falling over each other… Everybody’s running around.”

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As of now, the suspect’s name has not been released.


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