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Siberian Husky Bites Off Four-Year-Old Boy’s Hand


Siberian Husky Bites Off Four-Year-Old Boy’s Hand

A Utah boy is severely injured after a Siberian Husky bit off his right hand and a portion of his arm on Sunday.

According to the Daily Mail, the boy was attempting to play with his neighbor’s two Siberian Huskies by sticking his arm through a fence. Layton Fire Department Battalion Chief Jason Cook said the boy put a sock on his hand when the dog bit down and severed his hand, about 2-3 inches from his wrist. The child’s family tried to stop the bleeding until emergency medical staff arrived at the scene, He was airlifted to Salt Lake City’s Primary Children’s Hospital and reported to be in serious but stable condition.

Cook added that the boy’s hand has not been found and might have been ‘ingested by the dog’.

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Allegedly, the dogs have no history of aggression but they were taken into custody by animal control officers and have been quarantined. Cook believes the incident occurred due to the boy noticing the dogs on several occasions while he played outside in his backyard.

‘I think this is one of those innocent child play moments where the dogs have probably been in the backyard many, many times. He’s seen them and maybe even done something similar with them before, but for whatever reason this one kind of took a tragic turn today,’

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It is currently unknown what will happen to the dogs.


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