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Single Dad Paralyzed In Car Crash Credits Apple’s Siri For Saving His Life

Photo Credit: KSNV


Single Dad Paralyzed In Car Crash Credits Apple’s Siri For Saving His Life

Single Dad Paralyzed In Car Crash Credits Apple’s Siri For Saving His Life

iPhones are said to be the best mobile devices in the world for many reasons. Along with its unique style, features, and also known for being super handy, apparently, it’s also a lifesaver.

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A man is now thanking and crediting Apple for their mobile device that helped save his life. Single dad Nate Felix of Pahrump, Nevada, was off-roading in the desert with his dog when his Jeep flipped over on a dry lake bed on December 7, 2018.

He tried his hardest to crawl out from under the Jeep, but his “body was paralyzed” and he wasn’t even able to lift up his head, KSNV reports.

“I had my dog lay next to me, trying to figure if I could stay warm for the night, but after ten minutes of that I realized there was no way I would be able to stay warm enough,” Felix said. 

He was also thinking of his 10-year-old daughter, Dallis, during that time. “Unfortunately, she lost her mom to cancer and I got to get home,” he said.

At that moment he knew he needed to get out and get help. Eventually, he remembered he had his iPhone in the car and called on Siri to request help. Although he didn’t know where inside the car it was, he said he started screaming at it.  

“Hey Siri, call so-and-so, call so-and-so. ‘going through anyone I could think of,’” Felix said, noting that “It didn’t work out, cannot connect, cannot connect” was all he heard. 

Finally, Felix asked the Apple virtual assistant to call emergency services for him. 

“So, I said, ‘Hey Siri, call 911, and it said, “Connecting,”‘ Felix recalled. 

The Pahrump Valley Fire-Rescue Services responded to Siri’s call and arrived on the scene to get Felix out of the jeep. He was flown to the hospital where he remained for four days before being allowed to go back home.  

Felix is now wheelchair-bound with a broken neck, but he said that he’s “getting better, day by day.”

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