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Sisters Shot And Killed After Confronting Beauty Supply Store Employee With Their Mother

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Sisters Shot And Killed After Confronting Beauty Supply Store Employee With Their Mother

Two Arkansas sisters were shot and killed after they confronted a beauty supply store employee with their mother.

According to KARK News, Montieria Myers, 22 and Mernaiya Myers, 19, entered the Simple Unique Beauty Supply Store with their mother to confront the worker about a personal matter last Wednesday. Surveillance footage shows the argument turned into a physical altercation.

Moments after, both sisters were shot in the head while their mother fled the scene.

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Hot Springs Police said in a report that the fight was about an ongoing personal dispute.

“Detectives are working on this investigation it’s fresh. Anything like this is hard to work. Not only for the families but for the officers and detectives. Any death is very unfortunate and we will work with them. We are praying for them and hopefully, they can work through this.”

The sisters’ mother have been identified by police but her name was not released to the public. There are no details whether the shooter would be charged for the killings.

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Witness Stephen Sellers said in an interview that his customers were telling him about the shooting but he brushed it off at first.

“He came in mentioned some commotion over about a block away from where we were and I kind of brushed it off and another lady came in about 30 minutes to an hour later and she said the same thing.”

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