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Skechers Is Suing Adidas Over Its Striped Logo


Skechers Is Suing Adidas Over Its Striped Logo

Sketchers is taking Adidas back to court as they are suing them for their protection in the fashion world!

Back to the courtroom, they go as Sketchers is suing Adidas for a variety of infringement claims.

According to The Fashion Law, Sketchers filed paperwork last week stating that Adidas claims of infringement are not true.

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Adidas sent two infringement notices against Sketchers Goldie Peak shoes stating that they wanted the brand to;

“stop production and sale of the Goldie-Peaks sneaker. The latter letter also requested sales figures so that it could “fashion an appropriate monetary demand.”

Adidas claims that the similarity between the sneakers and their brand could confuse consumers to thinking that the shoe;

“is put out by, or with sponsorship or approval of Adidas.”

In the lawsuit, Sketchers refers to other designers like Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Steve Madden, Tommy Hilfiger, and more who have had similar sneaker releases.

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They also state that the Goldie Peaks are visibly different because the sneaker had four, lines not three.

Skechers is seeking involvement from the court,

 “to protect its ability to lawfully conduct its business as a leading designer, developer and marketer of lifestyle and athletic footwear, without interference from Adidas.”

Take a look at all the shoes mentioned below.

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