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Skydiver Killed By Truck After She Lands On Highway


Skydiver Killed By Truck After She Lands On Highway

A skydiver was hit and killed by a truck Thursday after she landed on Highway 99 in Lodi, California.

According to KTXL, multiple witnesses told the California Highway Patrol that a parachute was falling from the sky toward a highway near East Jahant Road. Authorities say it is unclear if the skydiver was hit by the truck or landed on top of it but her injuries were fatal. The skydiver was parachuting with a group of seven people from the Lodi Parachute Center, a skydiving training center that has a history of multiple skydiving related incidents and deaths.

The 28-year-old woman’s identity was not revealed but authorities reported that she was visiting from Colombia. The rest of her group landed safety after their skydiving experiences.

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Last October, the center was under investigation after the death of 62-year-old Nena Lowry Mason of Dillon, Colorado. During her skydiving experience, her parachute malfunctioned as she fell thousands of feet to her death. Her death was known as the 19th fatality since the center’s opening in the early 1980s.

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Press play to learn more about the incident in the video below.


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