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Snoop Dogg Forgives Woah Vicky, “I Used To Be Young & Dumb Too”

Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg Forgives Woah Vicky, “I Used To Be Young & Dumb Too”

Snoop Dogg forgives Woah Vicky after her Instagram rants and adds, “I used to be young and dumb too”.

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No one in particular ever singled Snoop out for beef, nor would they dare to cross the line between decency and Crip affiliation. Obviously several years have passed since even Snoop has willingly shown a more robust side.

However,  Woah Vicky skipped the memo when she brought guns to the mix, notwithstanding the potential that she was brandishing a fake firearm. She posted the since deleted video of her pointing a red beam in response to Snoop Dogg’s mockery seen below:


W. T. F. ??? Im good I’m off to the gym

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Woah Vicky’s 2nd firearm video provoked an official response from Snoop Dogg, which later saw Woah Vicky apologize for her threats. Not until his appearance on The Howard Stern Show yesterday did Snoop Dogg officially bury the hatchet and not without taking a few shots of his own.

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Howard Stern brought up the feud in reference to the perceived notion the youth segment lack reason or insight. Stern referred to Woah Vicky as a “White Rapper Chick” with Snoop Dogg adding that he thought she was “mentally challenged.” Stern was able to get a response from Snoop who insisted he would have “slapped the dog shit out that b***h” had it not been the year 2018. Snoop claimed to be understanding of her pretense for drama. He said, “We live learn, I used to be young & dumb too.”


Take a look at Woah Vicky below.

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