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Social Feedback Website ( Plans To Launch It’s Mobile App This Summer


Social Feedback Website ( Plans To Launch It’s Mobile App This Summer

Two weeks ago we reported that had gone live and now the Company plans to launch its mobile app this summer.

Based on research results, founder Basil Chidi Funk believes the app will be a success. The research results showed most people like to receive meaningful feedback, but they do not like to give it due to fear of confrontation and backlash.

“Historically, we assumed people did not like receiving feedback especially anonymous feedback but it’s actually the other way around. We live in a sensitive environment and people would rather not share feedback even when they know it would be beneficial to the recipient. We seem to be losing our sense of community.”

Mr. Chidi Funk highlighted that social media has historically been focused on providing only positive feedback through “likes” while ignoring substantive feedback and improvement opportunities of its users, which are very important. He also says that social media sites should do more to combat online bullying as well as limit or monitor the activities of minors on these sites. The safety of minors and underage children should be the priority. (Twitter: @SharpinUpUSA)

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