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Social Media Praises SZA For Helping Ill Fan Get New Kidney

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Social Media Praises SZA For Helping Ill Fan Get New Kidney

Social Media Praises SZA For Helping Ill Fan Get New Kidney

If you already love SZA then you might love her even more after reading this. The singer went above and beyond for one of her fans who was battling Lupus, Sickle Cell, and Crohn’s Disease.

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Back in 2017, a Twitter user named Leah Javon, posted that she was selling some of her hand-crafted items to help pay for her treatments. “A RT can save my life. I’m 23, I have Lupus & Crohn’s disease,” Leah said. “I’m going through IV infusion treatments that involve a chemo. I’m on oxygen. I work from home & I’m in online school. I make items to pay for medical expenses, plz buy or donate to help.” SZA, who previously met Leah, retweeted her post to share with her fans, pleading with them to contribute.

Thankfully, it worked. Leah recently gave an update on her health and thanked SZA for all that she has done for her:

“SZA gave me her #, got me into two concerts of hers free & on tour bus, sent me & my wife to Universal Studios before I started chemo, helped me pay for chemo, donated $ (which will remain undisclosed), shared my fundraiser several times, & helped find me a kidney.”

Fans online praised SZA for her amazing move. One Twitter user said,

“Wow. She has such a good soul. May she be blessed with what she ever does.” Another said, “@sza changing lives. Shoutout to anybody out here doing Gods work and shoutout to you @leahjavon for being such a strong of a woman. Overcome, Conquer & keep going. This is mad inspirational!”

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